Benefits of Sobriety: Living a Sober Life

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Benefits of Sobriety: Living a Sober Life

I won’t lie, it has been hard, extremely hard at times and as a family we’ve suffered through some heartbreaking times since I started this journey. This can turn into a terrible, vicious cycle and is a dangerous and unhealthy way to deal with relapse. Many alcoholics try to get sober and fail, so then they feel worse and they drink even more. Of course, nutritious foods can soothe some of the cravings that we may have, but there are other benefits to maintaining a healthy diet.

  • When you’re suffering from addiction, your only concern is to get more substances.
  • It can be a good replacement for the release of endorphins caused by drinking alcohol.
  • They want to establish code changes to prevent sober living homes from clustering together.
  • Alcohol can even damage the brain if alcohol is abused long term.

Refer to why you quit substance abuse during the difficult times, or even daily if that’s helpful to you. When asked to identify good songs about not drinking, Frere-Jones was at first stumped. Then he remembered “Straight Edge,” by Minor Threat, the Washington, D.C., punk band founded in 1980 by Ian MacKaye. It mocks the predictability and commercialism of using drugs and alcohol to escape the world. “I’m coming up on five years sober so this is all extremely personal to me,” says music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, who worked at The New Yorker for a decade. His 2023 memoir Earlier reflects on his coming of age in New York City, his trajectory as a writer and musician, his family and his recovery from alcohol abuse.

More Resources, to help your Recovery

Even if you don’t have a strong support network right away, this is something you can seek out to help support your goals. These people were taken to sober living homes where they were ignored, denied counseling, warehoused and, according to court records, witnesses and one autopsy report, plied with alcohol. Sober living homes are set up as temporary shelters for patients while they receive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Because no therapy occurs there, the state doesn’t license them. The scam, authorities say, involved stashing people who needed to beat drug or alcohol addictions in motels or at complexes like Canal on Baseline. Those responsible are accused of billing the state’s medical system for services without providing addiction therapy.

If your partner or close friend is inhibiting your goals of being sober, it may be time to say goodbye — at least for a while, and maybe for good. “Last time I talked to them, it was cool, [but] I don’t really talk to them anymore,” he shared. “I actually am a pretty big drug addict myself, believe it or not,” Fike, who played an addict named Elliot in the popular TV series, told Variety in an interview published Friday. “There should be like, songs about having sex sober. There should be songs about ‘… and then I had all my money when I woke up in the morning ‘cause I didn’t spend it.’ And complete gratitude.”

Identify Your Triggers

These programs can be inpatient or outpatient and typically involve a combination of individual and group therapy, as well as education on addiction and relapse How to Stop Sneezing: 10 Natural Remedies prevention. Finding a program that fits your needs and preferences is essential. This might seem like a terrible thing; this is not a terrible thing.

Be selective about who you spend time with during this transition. Try to spend more time with people who you trust to respect your decision to reduce or eliminate drinking alcohol, rather than those who will judge or pressure you. If you are invited to a bar or restaurant for a social gathering and want to take this approach to being sober curious, try to only attend events at places where alcohol isn’t the main focus. The sober curious movement has gained steam recently, such as with the rise of interest in “Dry January” — a time when participants decide to not drink for the month of January. The best way forward for your recovery from alcohol or substance use is to incorporate a wide variety of strategies that will help foster success.

Can Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, rest assured that you’re not alone. In fact, nearly 17 million Americans over the age of 18 reports having an alcohol dependence problem. As you experience challenges and setbacks alongside happiness in your newfound freedom from alcohol, it may take some time for things to settle down. It’s normal to experience withdrawal symptoms from substance use disorders. These may take the form of headaches, nausea, shaking, vomiting, sweating, and anxiety. Waking up with a hangover is no fun and can set your day off to a bad start.

  • Knowing relapse signs can help you recognize your risk of relapse.
  • “If you want to maintain the friendship, see a movie or do an activity with them that does not involve alcohol,” says Hafeez.
  • Maybe not, especially if your substance use has become a problem.
  • The neighborhood went from a quiet area to the focus of frequent police presence.

When you’re living a sober life, you’re in more control of your emotions and your actions. On the other hand, sometimes, leaving a relationship is necessary for a life of sobriety. Maybe you’ve been sober for years, or perhaps you just decided an hour ago to live a sober life. Getting sober and staying sober takes courage, consistency, and support from others. Kudos to you for deciding to live a better life — and a sober life.