A Conversation on Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Plagiarism in Higher Education SpringerLink

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A Conversation on Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Plagiarism in Higher Education SpringerLink

conversational ai in education

The data were analyzed through content analysis (Creswell, 2012), and emerging themes were identified through open coding. Exemplary quotations were identified to illustrate each constructed theme. The articles were double-coded to establish coding reliability, and disagreements were resolved through discussion among the authors. From a theoretical perspective, this study provides more findings and insights into the ongoing debate on using chatbots in education.

conversational ai in education

With AI-driven virtual study groups, students can connect with other classmates. These systems use natural language processing (NLP) to understand conversations between students. It helps to keep up with their peers without having to attend a physical study group. They can parse language quickly and accurately to keep up with conversations. This technology uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to better understand the student’s needs. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, these AI tutors can provide tailored responses based on each student’s individual needs or preferences.

What are the real-world benefits of conversational AI?

Proactive, at-risk, and appeal tracks ensure the right intervention at the right time. Future of AI in education is predicted to be very dynamic and result-driven. As AI continues to advance and optimize its capabilities, we will soon begin to witness a new era of education — the results of which will be a marvel to witness. These students can then progress at their own pace without worrying about keeping up with others or facing judgment from others.

Who uses conversational AI?

Conversational AI can definitely be used in a wide variety of industries, from utilities, to airlines, to construction, and so on. As long as your business needs to automate customer service, sales, or even marketing tasks, conversational AI and chatbots can be designed to answer those specific questions.

Trusting in your child’s ability to learn and providing support and guidance as needed can help to create a positive and nurturing learning environment. It may also be helpful to establish clear learning goals and expectations with the child, and to provide resources and support to help them achieve those goals. One area that could be particularly important to focus on is early metadialog.com childhood education. Research has shown that investing in high-quality early childhood education can have a lasting impact on a child’s development and future success. This could include investing in programs that provide educational and developmental support for young children, such as pre-kindergarten programs or home visiting programs for families with young children.

RQ1: how are AI chatbots designed and used in flipped learning?

Conversational AI contributes to smooth communication by enabling natural dialogue between users and computers, a requirement for successful education. With natural language processing support, conversational AI recognizes students’ queries and delivers better, human-like responses to their requirements. At the same time, conversational AI has enabled schools to create a more engaging classroom environment. Students are able to get immediate feedback on their work via chatbots, and they can ask questions outside of class hours to get help when needed. This has allowed students to take control of their own learning, while still getting the support they need from their instructors. Instead of having to type commands into a search bar or pull up menus, conversational AI allows us to communicate with machines in natural language.

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No, AI Will Not Destroy Humanity – New Technology – United States.

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On the other hand, the negative sentiments represent more critical concerns, hence a deeper and thorough thinking of why ChatGPT should be approached with caution. The overall aim of social network analysis is to learn more about public discourse regarding the use of ChatGPT from the perspective of educational purposes. Figure 1 shows tweets analysis using the Harel-Koren Fast Multiscale algorithm, which is a fast multi-level graph layout that provides better visualizations (Harel & Koren, 2001). Specifically, the edge colors, opacities, and widths are based on edge weight values. Each interaction (e.g., retweets, mentions, likes) is identified as a relation and visualized as an edge.

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The findings of this study provide several research directions that should be considered to ensure a safe and responsible adoption of chatbots, specifically ChatGPT, in education. So, it becomes essential to have a robust and intelligent student support system in place. Well-trained AI chatbots can proactively assist learners with quick responses regarding fee payment, course details, and other frequently asked questions.

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Intelligent voice and chat assistants delivering personalized shopping experiences and 24/7 support can drive digital sales for e-tailers. Conversational assistants bring two-way, relational interactions to digital banking channels. Financial services companies can reduce service costs and improve customer satisfaction by deploying bots for simple banking transactions and tier-1 support resolution. Three quarters of adults in the US say the most important thing an organization can do in a customer-service interaction is value their time.

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It may struggle with unique or complex situations, lack the ability to adapt to individual learning styles, and may not provide critical thinking or problem-solving skills. Additionally, ChatGPT’s responses may be biased if the dataset it relies on is biased, leading to the potential reinforcement of biases or stereotypes. While the rise of technology in education may seem like a threat to traditional educational institutions, both have a vital role to play in the education of future generations. ChatGPT and other intelligent machines allow traditional educational institutions to embrace technology and use it to enhance their teaching methods.

conversational ai in education

Finally, conversational AI can also optimize the workflow in a company, leading to a reduction in the workforce for a particular job function. This can trigger socio-economic activism, which can result in a negative backlash to a company. While the ChatGPT platform has a wide range of applications related to text generation, outputs should be evaluated critically and used with caution, as they may contain false, biased, or outdated information. Tars offer more than 1000 chatbot templates categorized according to Industries and Use-cases.

What is a chatbot for Educational Institution?

There are scenarios where you get overwhelmed by the number of tasks, become frustrated with the learning material, or simply feel lonely and isolated. These time differences apply to people who live in different time zones and people with a set schedule. That means educators and working students (young or adult) can work on a better schedule that won’t compromise their health or jobs. The global online education market has expanded by 200% since 2020, thanks to the increased reliance on e-learning.

  • Through an optimized chatbot, things such as class requirements, schedules, homework, activities, and other frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be addressed and answered immediately.
  • AI-based automated textbooks can generate personalized learning materials.
  • For example, students in remote areas can access online classes and resources, while students with disabilities can benefit from assistive technologies that help them overcome learning barriers.
  • The integration of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and adaptive learning is one of the most promising and exciting developments in this field.
  • This includes a survey of more than 450 students in Hong Kong and pilot focus group panels with 13 Australian students.
  • While the rise of technology in education may seem like a threat to traditional educational institutions, both have a vital role to play in the education of future generations.

In many ways, this one year alone created more digitalization than the previous decades put together. Companies of all sizes have embraced digital transformation in a wide range of industries, including business, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and retail. Many people believe that the global Covid-19 pandemic is a Black Swan event. At Education Futures, we acknowledge we live and work on the ceded traditional territory of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ and Wahpekute peoples through a succession of treaties that were not honored. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Davis, and his master’s degree in economics and finance from Bogazici University.

Administrative Challenges

Education is a complex and multifaceted field, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting the learning and development of children. This technology can offer one-on-one interactions with users and provide them with unique and personalized experiences. It does so by parsing through keywords in human speech to understand the content and context of a user request. Education is one of the top 5 industries that is currently benefiting from chatbots and conversational AI applications.

  • Even apart from enrolment, education includes a variety of administrative tasks that are time-consuming and can become mind-numbing for human staff.
  • With so many students and so little time to create an efficient learning process, the organization of the educational process is a constant source of disappointment for teachers.
  • They are also more likely to have positive self-esteem, which can lead to better mental health and well-being.
  • These technologies enable them to organically reply to user requests, give individualized replies and material, and alter the conversation’s tone.
  • In its first two months alone, the bot was able to answer 54,000 messages, and saved Bizbike’s customer service team 40 hours.
  • It is an AI conversational tool with automated engagement in the form of personalized conversation which allows users to get queries to common questions and also look for the required content.

The A.I.’s facility with language has prompted some enthusiasts to declare that simulated tutors could soon be as individually responsive to students as human tutors. With the power of AI, ensure every student gets the answers they need and deserve so no student is left behind. “When I see a product that is designed specifically for end-users to easily stand up, the value of a partnership with hat organization becomes obvious.”

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The obtained results revealed that while ChatGPT is a powerful tool in education, it still needs to be used with more caution, and more guidelines about how to use it safely in education should be established. This study further revealed several research directions and questions that researchers and practitioners should investigate for a better and safe adoption of chatbots, specifically ChatGPT. The general public’s view on the use of chatbots, more specifically ChatGPT, is diverse and there is no collective consensus on whether it is a hype or a future opportunity.


A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and answer questions, simulating human conversation. Staffing a customer service department can be quite costly, especially as you seek to answer questions outside regular office hours. Providing customer assistance via conversational interfaces can reduce business costs around salaries and training, especially for small- or medium-sized companies.

  • They mainly use conversational AI chatbots to support their customer service teams.
  • Virtual tutoring and personalised engagement help smoothen and enhance the overall learning experience.
  • A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and answer questions, simulating human conversation.
  • As a result, it can be a stressful process for students, and it can even steer some away from applying if they find it too daunting.
  • Additionally, the chatbot can provide students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, allowing them to focus on the areas they need the most help with.
  • As many educational offers had to move online during the pandemic, students found out that they enjoyed the flexibility of online classes.

I’ve had a mostly positive experience […] Explanations of new concepts are always really well done and you [can] ask it to explain something a little more clearly. We are academics from universities in Sydney and Hong Kong, specialising in higher education practice and research. Messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, or Instagram can be leveraged by educational organizations to reach audiences. Medical science has improved life quality, yet the demand for AI-fueled systems that help satisfy patients’ and medical staff’s expectations is… The world’s shift towards digitalization was undoubtedly one of the most visible changes brought about by the year 2020.

conversational ai in education

In fact, this technology can be implemented right now to augment students’ experience, support the education process, and optimize costs across the organization’s workforce. Conversational AI has already been changing how businesses communicate with their customers, with tremendous results. Companies are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence and investing in it to automate various business processes such as customer support, marketing, sales, customer engagement, and overall customer experience.

How AI is beneficial for education?

Another benefit of AI is that it can provide more engaging and immersive learning experiences. Virtual and augmented reality technologies can create interactive and immersive learning environments where students can explore and interact more engagingly and memorably with the content.

Natural language processing is the current method of analyzing language with the help of machine learning used in conversational AI. Before machine learning, the evolution of language processing methodologies went from linguistics to computational linguistics to statistical natural language processing. In the future, deep learning will advance the natural language processing capabilities of conversational AI even further. The educational bot market has exploded in recent years, but most bots are still rudimentary and lack the ability to understand natural language. A few companies are working on developing intelligent conversational agents that can interact naturally with users.

conversational ai in education

What are the disadvantages of chatbots in education?

Dependence on Technology: One potential downside to using chatbots like ChatGPT is that students may become overly dependent on technology to solve problems or answer questions. This could lead to a lack of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.